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How To Shop Tax Free

TaxFree Shopping offers ONE STOP, Quick and Easy processing of your Texas sales tax refund. Pre-Register at for a quicker processing time.

Step 1: Shop at any of our 5,000+ participating stores.

Step 2: Process your refund at one of our 13 locations. (U.S. Citizens may only process at airport locations on day of departure.)

Bring: Purchased Merchandise for inspection, original receipts*, passport, I-94/Entry Stamp/ESTA, Visa, IFE, Flight or Transportation Information.

*$10 in sales tax required per physical store location.

Step 3: Receive your refund, less our processing fee, by Cash, Check or Paypal.



步骤1:在我们的任何5,000 +参与商店的店。

第2步:处理您的退款在我们的13个地点之一。 (美国公民只可处理在起飞当天机场的位置。)

携带:购买商品进行检查,原始收据*,护照,I-94/Entry印记/ ESTA,签证,IFE,航班或交通信息。

* $10元实体店位置所需的销售税。


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