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Summer program for 2014 in China
Students can learn Chinese Language and Culture in this program.           
Participants will engage in a Chinese Language class in Shang  Hai
which will count for three academic credits. This will include an               
intensive language course in a small classroom setting, with a weekly
lecture on the rich culture of the Chinese people.
    Students who have little experience with Chinese as a second language
are encouraged to apply alongside those with a more advanced
background in the language. The first session is from July 12th to
August 6th. A link to this program can be found here. The second session is from August 2nd to August 28th. The
schedule for this program can be found here.
Another class offered is in Zheng Zhou in He Nan province in central
of China. This class is not for credit. It is only for students who
want to learn more about cultural interaction in China. This session
is from July 1st to July 26th. The Schedule for summer class in He Nan
and Bei Jing can be found here.  Additionally, university students in
Louisiana who need financial assistance can apply for a $2000 Putnam
grant from Tulane.

Program for Summer intern in China
This internship is designed to give students an opportunity to
experience the culture behind Sisco's marketing, finance and operations. The program also serves as a key talent source for the official MFP. The internship combines technical training, intensive job assignme nts and an interactive appraisal system. Students will acquire hands on experience with marketing, financial planning and Analysis, accounting, auditing and commercial finance.

2. Program for middle school and high school students exchange
 Exchange students will be placed with host families in America and 
other countries such as China and Russia. Students are invited to join
either a summer or a winter exchange program. Housing and food will be  provided by the hosting families. This gives students the opportunity to absorb the language and culture from their host family.  This will help students to build international relationships while making a               
positive difference in their lives.