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Gateway to Another Culture

Today the world is a complex system of global communication and exchange. The necessity for intercultural and international communication has rapidly increased during recent decades. Globalization manifests itself in the increased interest of trans-cultural and educational 

academic exchange programs. Our organization interlaces here.

We provide the bridge to the knowledge gap between foreign cultures and customs. International Culture & Education Exchange Corporation is designed to branch trans-cultural understanding through educational programs. By facilitating this exchange between the U.S. and other countries, we are promoting internationship relationships.

The International Culture and Education Exchange Corporation is a non-profit organization. It was developed to promote students’ global knowledge, multicultural understanding, and to provide simultaneous opportunity to each country.

We have found that the best way to understand the traditional values of a country is through it’s languages, customs, and social settings. Thus, our incorporation facilitates and organizes this exchange.

Major Tasks:

  • Promotion of Cultural Exchange
  • Introduction of Foreign and American Culture
  • Cultural and Academic Exchange
  • Trans-Cultural Intellectual Exchange

Intercultural Lectures and Seminars

  • Youth Exchange Programs
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